I charmed your little heart out with my silver forked tongue
Rung a peal of laughter from your brass bell lungs
Wrote a tall tale on your skin with my little fingertips
And then I pulled you in close, and kissed a lie upon your lips

'Cause I'm the Trickster
I'm the conman of love
I sing my sweet, sweet swindles like a clockwork turtle dove
And you're just hte kind of sucker I surely love to see
and I tricked you into loving me

Deceitfully I double-crossed your dress off to the floor
And I fooled you into feeling things you ain't never felt before
Such is my devotion to this fraudulent art
I'd spend my whole life hustling you the hoax of my heart

'Cause I'm the trickster
ANd that's all that I am
See, I done hoodwinked you into making me your man
All the time we've been together, can't you see?
I tricked you into loving me

All them songs I wrote you were just double-talk and din
And I built a home for you just to come and hate me in
All the time you spent berating me was just part of my little game
To think I almost tricked you into taking my name

Ah, what a Trickster
what a sharp shark I must be
to sting my only sweetheart into never trusting me
Whe you called me a liar, you know it cut me to the bone
I suppose you think I tricked you into leaving me here all alone
Oh, what a Trickster


from Night of a Thousand Crimes, released February 12, 2014



all rights reserved


JB Newman & The Black Letter Band UK

JB Newman & The Black Letter Band bring you a shot of Haunting, Bluesy Rock'n'Roll with a surreal poetic twist. 'Like a roadhouse band from a Lynch movie'.

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