It creeps through the streets with a whipster of fear
It may be tomorrow, it may be next year
Is your business in order, have you made your amends,
Is there somebody's body you'll be clutching at the end?

The ocean may rise up and sweep us away
Or we'll all burst ablaze on a bright sunny day
That silicone weather girl said on the news
'The wind tonight sings the Apocalypse Blues'

That big ol' red button is coming down fast
Cancel the future, seal over the past
The present's a gift, so get ready to go
We're all gonna dance in the nuclear glow

The world's a showgirl, pirhouetting from grace
Oh, give me the chaos of laughter and lace
All souls climb aboard for the abyssal cruise
The jazz band is playing Apocalypse Blues

The cruise singer croons the Apocalypse...

Raise up your glass, and say a fond farewell
Salvation, kiss my ass
I'll see you all in hell

Ain't no sweet chariot swingin' low for me
No angel would lend me her wings
So get wild & holy, get bad as can be
Let's do some old testament things

Who'll sue for clemency, and who will repent?
Who'll wail at the heavens, their garments all rent?
Not me, I'll be lost in a sulphurous mist
With your sweat on my face, and your skirt in my fist

I won't ask forgiveness, I wil not confess
I will not be judged by a man in a dress
I'll sing my own gospel in rhythm 'n' lose
and get down and dance the Apocalypse Blues
Get down and dance the Apocalypse Blues
Get down and dance the Apocalypse Blues


from Night of a Thousand Crimes, released February 12, 2014



all rights reserved


JB Newman & The Black Letter Band UK

JB Newman & The Black Letter Band bring you a shot of Haunting, Bluesy Rock'n'Roll with a surreal poetic twist. 'Like a roadhouse band from a Lynch movie'.

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