All at once i saw you
in a little Yurkish bar
Discreetly I discovered you
Across the samovar
& What strange world revolves, I wondered,
'neath this gilded brow?
& On what wings shall I explore its shining lands, and how?
A thought flew through the mind, and nothing more
But all at once, All at Once
I saw you through the shyness that you wore
All at Once, I saw you
Like a ship, a ship that sees the shore

All at once I Saw you
on a fiery hallowe'en
The moon caused me to howl for you
when I told it what I'd seen
we sumoned up the spirits,
I can't remember whose
we poured them out upon the earth and raised them to the blues
we sang into the night, our voices soared
& all at once, all at once
you flew into the vaccuum I abhorred
all at once I saw you
like the void
the void that hears the word

Softly close your searching eyes,
& I will stay with you awhile
in lonesome black, & jealous green
So many spend their lives unloved, unseen

all at once i saw you
in the mirror of my skin
its purpose, a perfect surface
to reflect your body in
the outline of your solitude, the colour of your heart
no other mirror can describe your beauty's truest part
the note that sings out silent in the night
all at once, all at once
my blurry life was focused sharp & bright
when all at once, I saw you
in the flesh
in the flesh and in the light


from Night of a Thousand Crimes, released February 12, 2014



all rights reserved


JB Newman & The Black Letter Band UK

JB Newman & The Black Letter Band bring you a shot of Haunting, Bluesy Rock'n'Roll with a surreal poetic twist. 'Like a roadhouse band from a Lynch movie'.

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